Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Laughing at Godzilla

Godzilla Butthole lips laugh lol comic cartoon

Guy Drinks Whole Bottle of Hennessey

Does anyone know if he went to the hospital?

Ari Dee Self Shot Pics Part 6

Ari Dee Tattoos Sexy Pretty

It's Ari Dee here again at PhilKnowsBest cuz she's extremely pretty and I want to tell the world frequently...Ari is very active on Social Media and that habit produces many self shot pics like the ones in this gallery...The Mother Load of her Socialness is her official site

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and again cuz she's hot and naked,

Ari Dee Boobs selfie Ari Dee Side Boob dimples tattoos alt model

Ari Dee Ass booty naked butt selfie Ari Dee Smile Pretty brunette alt tattoos ink doll

Middle Aged Parents

middle aged parents

Bella French Studies - Picking Up A Tourist

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Sean Connery's Dog

Comic Dog Sean Connery

Vera Baby - Geek Face

Vera Baby Batman Glasses Nerd Geek

Here's the extrememly sexy and gorgeous Vera Baby in her latest set...The Batman theme is hot and you know it...I love Vera's hair this color and the glasses are attractive as fuck also...This Gallery gets hotter and hotter...Join Vera's Official site to see what she ends up doing with the Joker once her clothes come off...

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and as always...

Vera Baby red Hair Batman VeraBaby Batman ass booty

Vera baby Boobs Tattoos Hair Bra

How One Decides to Build a Web Browser

Web Browsers

Monday, February 17, 2014

Jordan Carver - 10 Things You CAN do with Big Boobs

Cuz Boobs are fun...

Creating a Password

TV's First Lesbian Zombie Kiss

XoGisele Be my Valentine

Gisele Hearts

Here's super babe Gisele for your post Valentine's pleasure...One of the funnest ever on the internet... See the rest of this sexy ass gallery Right Here...There's a video there too...

Check out her awesome website

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Leftover Management at a Restaurant

Leftover Management title=


Chris D'Elia - Black Dudes Laugh The Best

It was funny and you know it...

Breaking Bad Baby Names - Conan

Conan Obrien Breaking Bad

They're not Rocks, They're Minerals Marie...

Technical Foul Bad Language Kinect 2.0 Xbox One


There better be an option to turn that off...Hilarious Video...

MFC Crush of the Day - Brooke Black

Brooke Black

Here is the Fit and Beautiful Brooke Black...Brooke is fit as hell and fit is the new sexy sometimes...Her muscle tone is amazing...One of my favorite things on a girl is abs...Abs on a girl trigger something in my brain and I love it...There's something sexy about a girl that busts her ass in the gym...It shows dedication and it is motivating to myself...

Look for Brooke Black live on her MyFreeCams Profile to see her sexy face and body live...

Follow her on Twitter for awesoome Selfies @BrookBlack21

Brooke Black Abs Muscle Boobs Fit Fitness MFC Brooke Black Muscle Mirror Flex Boobs

Brooke Black on MFC

Brooke Black Boobs My Free Cams MFC Selfie Side Boob Brooke Black Under Boob Abs MyFreeCams MFC Twitter Fit Exercise

Brooke Black on MyFreeCams

Matt Betzold MMA

I went to high school with Matt... Watching what he has become is amazing...He only has one leg and he'll beat your ass...He's currently the World Fighting Federation Flyweight Champion...At the success rate he is going at, we will see him in the UFC someday...

Shit Sharks Don't Say

Shit Sharks Dont Say

If Only For A Second - Mimi Foundation

This was awesome and touching...It's hard to describe in words the feelings this video created...

Happy Holidays from Xo Gisele

Xo Gisele Christmas Boobs hat

Who doesn't want some Gisele for the holidays, or every day for that matter...This latest sexy gallery from Gisele just dropped in time for the Holiday season...When I grow up I'm gonna marry her...See the rest that I can't show you Right Here

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Everything Gisele, Her Official website is

Gisele Cleavage Boobs blonde bombshell XOGisele Ass naked booty blonde

The Rest of this Gallery

Michael Larimer - Basketball Team Names - Stand Up Comedy

The Suns would win every game ever if each team's name actually competed against each other...Cuz nothing beats a fucking Sun!

WWE's Title Belt Unification Breakdown

Phil always liked him some rasslin so this was pretty cool...


Messing with Prostitutes

I know they have to hear weirder shit than this...I know cam girls and they even hear way weirder things than this...I was still a little entertained and I love the accents on the girls...

Awesome Pet Dog Snow Sculpture

Effin Adorbz...

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Zombies Vs Toddlers

Zombies Toddlers infographic

Catfish Parody - Timothy De La Ghetto

MFC Crush of the Day - The Girlfriend

MFC The Girlfriend MyFreeCams Cam

It's crush time again... Today's MFC crush of mine is The Girlfriend...This lady is gorgeous and sexy as fuck...She has this business woman look to her... She has a great rack and abs, so I know she works out..She has the sexy look in her eye that you know she is great in bed...She cams from home, her office and even sometimes with a hot friend...

Look for "The Girlfriend" online from her on profile...

Follow her on Twitter @TheGirlfriend_

The Girlfriend My Free Cams Milf The Girlfrien Boobs flash twitter milf MFC MyFreeCams theGirlfriend MFC Boobs flash under boob

Inspirational Fitness Quotes Over Pictures of Drunk People

inspirational fitness drunk people quotes

I love getting fit and drinking...So this was awesome...

Getting Caught Staring at Boobs - Bella French Studies

Thanks Bella French for the lovely tip...I'll never be late for your classes...

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Ari Dee Self Shot Pics Part 5

Ari Dee Selfie instagram boobs

It's time for some Ari Dee in your lives again...One of my favorite girls that I love takes a lot of pictures...She also has one of the prettiest faces and lips ever so that helps too...

Check out her Official website

Follow her on Twitter @TheAriDee

Look for her on MyFreeCams as Batmans_gf

Ari Dee Selfie Ari Dee tattoos tummy boobs

Fuck Yeah

Ari Dee wet smile sexy Ari Dee Cleavage boobs batman panties

Eric Andre McDonald's Prank

Batman's Greatest Weakness

Batman weakness Tan lines