Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The "How Are You" Syndrome

You know what really Grinds my Gears? (Yeah, so orginal Phil) I hate when people ask "How Are You" WAY TOO MUCH. Seriously. I think a lot of this generation, old and young, are taught to ask people "How are you?" as a greeting and it is out of fucking control. Sure, I get it. It's a nice greeting and conversation starter and I even use it, but only when I am SUPPOSED to.

Working in Retail for many years has jaded me a little. I see it so much though. For example; When I run into someone in public or at work that I haven't seen for a while. We'll do the ol' "How Are You" exchange back and forth which is typical and I'm fine with. Here's where I get pissed. One minute later they'll start again with the "So How Are You?" and in my head I get a little livid. I want to be like "YOU JUST FUCKING ASKED ME!" and since I've been observing this for several years now. I see it everywhere. People run into others and at family gatherings and they keep asking "How are you" more than once and they don't even have any substance to their conversation.

The other part of the "How Are You" syndrome is when you are in motion and just pass by someone you know. Whether it's a friend, acquaintance or coworker. As I am walking by someone, I'll nod and smile (Courtious and respectfully) and as we are both technically walking away, I get this "How Are You?" and it sounds stupid as fuck. Like, No! We are just greeting, you are not actually wondering how I am doing so don't ask me. Just say "Whaddup" or "Hey Hey" or something silly and common like that.

When you ask "How are you?" and there's a Distance between you both it is Awkward as Fuck!

I already know certain people in my life that have a chronic version of the How Are You Syndrome and I am trying to figure out a remedy for it everyday but this is the world we live in today and I am just gonna have to deal with it.

Thanks for hearing my rant. I am trying to write more what's on my mind and this has been an important subject to me. Jaded AF.

If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans

I got a good laugh... The guy's faces as he goes are awesome!

Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka Coke Nail

I knew all the accusations in the past were true...

MFC Crush of the Day - Lexi Vixi Appreciation Post

Have you ever heard of Lexi Vixi? She's one of the Prettiest and Sweetest women to ever grace this Earth. She has a cute giggle and is lots of fun and happens to have a body sculpted by the finger of God. She works hard and puts time in the gym regularly and she's total Wifey material for that...

Check for Lexi Vixi regularly most nights on MyFreeCams and you might get to get her Snapchat if you play your cards right and listen to her!

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Now enjoy some hotness below!

Abs are the key to my heart sometimes

Lexi Vixi on MyFreeCams NSFW

Holy Shit Lexi Vixi is Gorgeous AF!

Thanks for being Beautiful Lexi Poo!

Sex in a Dressing Room

So You Want to Be a Porn Star? w/ Anna Bell Peaks

Anna Bell Peaks is a Sexy, Tattooed Porn Star and she reminds average Joes that it takes a lot of concentration and stamina to be a Pro Porn Star. Don't let the set crew and cameras ruin your boner bro...

See if Anna Bell Peaks is live now on MyFreeCams cuz she is sexy as fuck!

Instagram Hints

Liking multiple pics on Instagram at once is the new "Poke"...

Anyways follow me @Phildogg on IG if you want. Sorry I don't have Abs or a booty but you can still buy a Fit Tea alternative for less than the Douches sell it...

Walking Dead Chappelle's Show - SNL

This scene was an awesome, quick Chappelle's Show reunion which was great to see. I could watch the "Player Haters" make jabs at people as a spin off show forever. One can only dream.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dark Side Kermit in the Kitchen

This meme is hot fire this week!

The Jizz Savage

Be careful with your Jizz guys that little teaspoon we ejaculate is dangerous as fuck and has consequences...

The Truth about the Trump Democrat Party Protests

For the record I did not vote for Trump or Hillary so consider this a Third Party opinion.

I do have a thing for calling out the extreme Liberal left for being huge baby assholes when things don't go their way...The Democrats had the media advantage in their favor and want to blame Third party voters and "racist white" people for Hillary not winning but the truth is. You guys had a Shit Candidate. They were both shit with a lot of baggage and one of those shits had to lose...

There is indeed Shit bags like George Soros Funding protests to keep the country divided so we can't get along and more big government control happens... These protest are orchestrated and not totally organic.

I do like to call them "Democrat Protests" instead of "Trump Protests" because it's obviously coming directly from people who identfy with that political party...

Be nice to one other and don't block traffic when an election doesn't go well...We're ALL in this together...

Love you all...

Using Your Phone at Work

So many jobs say "Don't have your phone out while at work" etc. Im hoping in this smart phone generation that having your phone is the new norm. I conceal my phone at work and try not to make it totally obvious but if I have to work on Sunday I have to keep up with my Fantasy Football scoring. If I think of a funny Tweet I have to post it there because I'm not gonna remember later on and yeah. Let them have their phones...

People Not Having Kids Anymore

The culture phenomenon of not wanting kids is higher than ever it seems these days...

Nice bit Yannis Pappas!

Dude Catches Wife Cheating Using a Drone

You can hear the anger and passion in the guy's narration of this...Cheating is scandalous as Fuck!

Miss Danni Gibson is Back!

My favorite internet model friend of all time is back at it and that makes me happy. Danni Gee as you may know her has been on the internet for several years now and she's still Sexy and Awesome as fuck. She's been nicer to me and networked with me more than any other model has so she will always be a BFF to me...

Her new site is MissDanniGibson.com where you can get access to member chats and get to know her personally! Go sign up and hear her cute voice and and make her laugh if you're witty enough... I've watched Danni through every hair style and look over the years and I'm glad my internet Wifey crush is back in the game. She knows where I live so she always has a free pass if she's ever in a slump in her personal life... Send nudes Danni!


I love her Sexy Thighs and Booty Holy shit!

Go check out MissDanniGibson.com

and follow her on Twitter @TheRealDanniGee for Nudes and a BJ Video...

When Life Hands You Credit Card Debt

Getting into debt is like slavery... I am cureently consolidating and almost done paying down lots of stupid debt over the last 10 years... I am almost a free man again...Spend wisely folks! Don't be like the US Government!

Big Ups to Mr. Sarcastic for this Gem of a Tweet...

Every Hipster Ever

Sippin on Gin and Cold Pressed Juice...

Protesters Who Block Roads

Sorry I can't get on board with crowding roads and making innocent strangers late for work because an election went one way or another...No one should intentionally hit someone in the street but that situation shouldn't come up neither...

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Death Row Records

Im pretty sure Suge Knight is pulling the strings in this election...

Pumpkin Spice Products - Eff Your Life Radio

Pumpkin Spice is everything but a porn genre these days every year when Fall comes around...

Check out EYLradio.com and Subscribe to "Eff Your Life Radio" on your podcast device of your choice...It's Fucked up News, Funny Stories from the week, hilarious sexual situations and the word Cunt is used a lot. So don't be a Cunt and subscribe!

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Face Swap

It turned out pretty good... Too bad this election won't...

Grandma Gives Advice on Sucking Dick

Look up some Blowjob Porn and take some notes from that if you don't have a freaky ass grandma like this lady...

Basic Bitches on Facebook

"OMG Look How Bae spoiled me today!"

Follow @DougBies on Twitter he's pretty fuckin' hilarious...

MFC Crush of the Day - Jenny Blighe

It's Sexy redhead Time! Jenny Blighe has been a top model on MFC for a few years now. She is incredibly sexy and has a wonderful and petite body with some nice abs...I honestly am not totally sure on how to pronounce her last name, Blighe but that's okay because this is a blog post and not a podcast...Jenny is incredibly active on social media and even sells plenty of Boy/Girl scenes on ManyVids along with lots of sexy free previews so she is a great model to follow...Not gonna lie she seems to Give Head like a Champ!

Follow Jenny on Twitter @JennyBlighe
See her live on MyFreeCams NSFW
and also her ManyVids Profile Very NSFW

Enjoy the View!

I fuckin love her lower abs

Jenny Blighe's MyFreeCams Chatroom

How bout that booty? See if Jenny is live tonight on MyFreeCams

Stuffed Animals and Bad Driving

Making fun of bad drivers never gets old!

Follow @Mr_Kapowski on Twitter... I wonder if he's related to Kelly Kapowski?

Asshole BMW Driver Video

When you're driving and in a hurry it can turn you into an asshole on the road... People hate asshole drivers more than Hillary and Trump combined... Don't be an asshole on the road...

If everyone drove the way I Do I wold never get mad though!...

Journalist of the Decade Julian Assange

It sucks that regular journalists dont call out the goverment any more and we have to rely on this guy hiding in the shadows and hacking to get real news.... Conpisracy theories are proven true right and left lately...

Follow @WikiLeaks on Twitter

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Girlfriends and Basketball

A crush of mine went to a lot of basketball games last year but couldn't tell me who she was getting the tickets from...

Big Ups to Mr Onederful

How to Avoid Getting Arrested - Video

One time I got pulled over pulling up to my house so I got out of the car, threw my keys into the car and locked it shut... No control of the car anymore!

Annoying Trends that Just Won't Go Away

There's more hints at bringing this country to communism than ever. One certain left wing party is dancing ring around the rosie with it and I am not a fan of it...Fuck the Kardashians too, shit...

On My Way to - License Plate

MFC Crush of the Day - Aspen Rae 2016

Remember Aspen Rae? She's still on top of the MFC world as she was years ago and gets prettier every day. She has been a gym junkie the last year or two and is becoming a stronger and more fit version of her gorgeous self... She competes in fitness competitions now and you can see all the hard work she has put in with her wonderful biceps, abs, shoulders and quads etc... Being a Fit model is one ofo my faves cuz it shows hard work and dedication to get your body in that kind of shape...

Jug Life! She inspires me to try and drink a gallon of water a day...

Follow Aspen Rae on Social Media:
Twitter @Aspen_Rae
Instagram @MyAspenRae
MyFreeCams NSFW

I love seeing Aspen on her wonderful journey... She is a Fitspiration to us all...

Go to Aspen Rae's Cam room to see if she's Live Right Now on MyFreeCams NSFW

Aspen Rae on MyFreeCams NSFW


Stupid Hipster Hillary Millennials

Big ups to Paul Joseph Watson

I fucking hate Hillary Clinton...

She is not a good person. The media talks about all the shit Donald does but Hillary gets a free pass for everything. Both candidates are shit heads but Hillary is not covered regularly being bad, as Trump has... If you vote for either of the two you will get the same growing government no matter what. Oh and there will be a war soon too with Hillary probably leading the charge...

Nothing will change as long as we still keep voting for Democrats and Republicans....

I also love making fun of Entitled Millenials and their shitty economic theft policies...

White People Starter Kit

The skull sweater did it for me...

Enjoy this #WhitePeopleWednesday

Ken Bone tries to Grab them by the Pussy

Ken Bone has been the best thing about this fucked up election this week...

Reality Check: Pentagon Paid Over $500 Million To PR Firm To Create Iraq Propaganda Videos?

Mainstream media sucks ass... Explore other websites and news outlets that aren't owned by huge corporations and then maybe you'll get the info you were looking for...I wish I worked for that PR firm it was probably a good pay day with bonuses...

The Internet Offends Me

We're here to have fun and stir the pot a little. Dont worry Right wingers and Left wingers I like to make fun of both cuz this is the internet and that is what we do these days. Have a Good time ya cunts...