Monday, October 10, 2016

MFC Crush of the Day - Rosie May

For my first "Crush of the Day" post in over 2 years I had to show off one of my favoritest models ever right now. I discovered Rosie May on MyFreeCams a little over a year ago and she is one of the prettiest women I have ever seen on the internet machine.

I love her tan skin and long black hair. She has those mesmerizing blue eyes that will make you in awe, similar to that spell Rihanna puts on me when I see her. Rosie May is one of the most underated and best kept secrets on MFC and I wish she would get the praise and followers that she deserves.

Follow her on Her Social Media and get to know her:
Twitter @ohrosiemay
Instagram @rosiemay__
MyFreeCams NSFW

It's pretty much not fair to the rest of the world how pretty she is. I hope you follow her and support her! I mean look at her below she is fuckin gorgeous!

Rosie May on MyFreeCams