Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The "How Are You" Syndrome

You know what really Grinds my Gears? (Yeah, so orginal Phil) I hate when people ask "How Are You" WAY TOO MUCH. Seriously. I think a lot of this generation, old and young, are taught to ask people "How are you?" as a greeting and it is out of fucking control. Sure, I get it. It's a nice greeting and conversation starter and I even use it, but only when I am SUPPOSED to.

Working in Retail for many years has jaded me a little. I see it so much though. For example; When I run into someone in public or at work that I haven't seen for a while. We'll do the ol' "How Are You" exchange back and forth which is typical and I'm fine with. Here's where I get pissed. One minute later they'll start again with the "So How Are You?" and in my head I get a little livid. I want to be like "YOU JUST FUCKING ASKED ME!" and since I've been observing this for several years now. I see it everywhere. People run into others and at family gatherings and they keep asking "How are you" more than once and they don't even have any substance to their conversation.

The other part of the "How Are You" syndrome is when you are in motion and just pass by someone you know. Whether it's a friend, acquaintance or coworker. As I am walking by someone, I'll nod and smile (Courtious and respectfully) and as we are both technically walking away, I get this "How Are You?" and it sounds stupid as fuck. Like, No! We are just greeting, you are not actually wondering how I am doing so don't ask me. Just say "Whaddup" or "Hey Hey" or something silly and common like that.

When you ask "How are you?" and there's a Distance between you both it is Awkward as Fuck!

I already know certain people in my life that have a chronic version of the How Are You Syndrome and I am trying to figure out a remedy for it everyday but this is the world we live in today and I am just gonna have to deal with it.

Thanks for hearing my rant. I am trying to write more what's on my mind and this has been an important subject to me. Jaded AF.